Go All-In or Go Home

That’s pretty harsh, I know, but I’m PaleoMarine, not PaleoBeatAroundTheBushGuy. I get tired of seeing people working out so very hard without making a commitment to eating right and then seeing these same people complain that they can’t get skinny because they have “Fat genes.” Seriously. Someone actually told me that.

Weight loss is 85-90% diet and only 10-15% exercise. Tops. I lost over 100 lbs without lifting a finger! Since I started running three months ago, I’ve lost maybe 10 lbs. I can’t really attribute that weight loss to either exercise or diet, but I know that at this point, it’s got to be a combination. I continue to be very careful with what I eat and how much I eat. I still do not allow myself cheats (or as I call them, sabotage meals) and I very rarely allow myself any indulgences (holidays and special events are exceptions, and even then, I try to be careful).

When you are really heavy like I was, you have to go all-in. You can’t half do this. You have to commit. If you don’t, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, failure, and surrender. There is no place for any of that on my journey, so I stay the course. Even when I’m stalled, I take solace in knowing I’m doing what is right, what needs to be done, and that I will see a return of progress. At the very minimum, I’m not gaining anything back, so there’s that.

Currently, I’m at my lowest weight in over 30 years: 177.0 lbs. These last 5 lbs have been VERY slow going to lose, but I’m losing them. The biggest change has been losing over 2″ off my waist. I am now into 32″ trousers, and even these are starting to feel big. I can wear size medium shirts and jackets, and more recently, all my new shirts and coats are smalls.

If you endeavor to lose weight, go all-in. It’s hard at first, but if you use some of your ample willpower and motivation (you know you have it in you; you just need to tap into it and USE it), you will get through the hard part and make it into the phase where you lose weight and make steady progress. I’m not saying you will lose weight fast, but you will make progress. Remember, progress isn’t always just what’s on the scale, either. But commit. Go all-in. Do it right. Don’t waste your own time. Each day we burn? We don’t get those back. Make the best of each one you get.

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