Lose weight or get healthy? What’s your real goal?

File_000 (39)I was afraid I was going to die young due to poor health. If things kept going the way they were going, it was going to be an early end for me. I decided that I wanted to get healthy, and weight loss factored into that for me. I didn’t set out to merely lose weight. It was a big part of it to be sure, but it wasn’t the main goal.  The main goal was to not die young, get healthy, and maybe even get fit.

When we start a diet plan for the reason of losing weight, we tend to watch the scale very closely for feedback and we base our success or failure on the numbers. When the numbers don’t match our expectations, we are much more likely to give up and fail in adopting the new diet or lifestyle. That’s why I always say that the scale is just one measure of our health and progress. There are many times when I go through days or weeks (and in the past few months, bunches of weeks) without any loss of weight. But during these lean times where the scale didn’t reward my good eating habits, my waist did by losing almost 4 inches, and my overall fitness levels have been rising as I’ve been running now for over three months.

I have friends who are using many different methods to get healthy. Some see great weight losses and others see the loss come at a slower pace. We all have our own journeys, and we can only truly commit to them when we are able to come to terms with the sacrifices required. That’s totally okay. That Sherry and I were able to commit to a much more rigid lifestyle than others doesn’t mean we are any better at it. It just means we set our minds to it to a different level; nothing more. You have to be comfortable with your level of commitment or the change in lifestyle won’t work for you. Again, like I always say, do whatever program you want to do, but do it to the best of your ability.

With that said, for 2017, I recommend setting a goal of getting healthy, not losing weight. Weight loss will be a healthy and welcome byproduct of getting healthy. Our bodies are made to be thin, so getting healthy will bring your body back into balance, and you will get weight loss. Just don’t look for weight loss to be the only measure of success. There are so many ways to look at it, and your body will give you constant feedback in different areas. You just need to know where to look.

6 thoughts on “Lose weight or get healthy? What’s your real goal?

  1. Having received a diagnosis of diabetes last year, I was finally inspired to ‘get healthy’… and I’m delighted that so far, sticking to a low carb diet has been much easier than I imagined it would be and I have been able to stay off the medication! Thanks for your inspiration which is giving me a boost to kick start my New Year too. Although I was delighted that I only put on 1lb over Xmas and have lost it this week! x

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    1. Three years ago, I was prescribed medication for diabetes because my blood sugar was high due to my excessive weight. Now, my blood sugar is completely normal and I no longer need to take any medication for it. It’s amazing how well the low-carb diets work. Good job on only going up a pound! I went up a few, but as of today, I’m back to where I was prior to the holidays!

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      1. Fantastic! I was prescribed medication on first being diagnosed last year but asked for 3 months to try and get it under control with diet first which my Doctor agreed to. With the low Carb, in that 3 months I got down to a ‘pre-diabetic’ reading and have managed to keep it down so haven’t needed medication.. In the UK although the NHS Dieticians will say low carb is beneficial, it isn’t yet the recommended diet which when you read everything else seems crazy.. I’m glad it’s worked for us both! Well done you for getting that Xmas weight off now too.. Wishing you a brilliant new year. I don’t normally plug my posts but I wrote a piece on my journey.. how to be positive about a positive diabetes diagnosis.. if you fancy a read.. Have a great day! x

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