How I deal with disappointment in lost progress

Like you, every now and then, I eat either something I shouldn’t have eaten, or I eat far more than I should have. It’s this pesky thing called living life to the fullest and not skipping out on experiences or adventures. Fortunately for me, I believe that I have gained a healthy balance between these off-plan meals and every day eating. I allow myself treats every now and then, and only in strict moderation. However, this doesn’t alleviate the natural emotions I go through in regards to seeing the numbers creep up on the scale or the pants feeling tighter than usual.

When I see the numbers on the scale go up, I get mad. Not at the scale and not so much at myself, but just angry. I feel it. I use that anger as fuel to stick to my eating plan in a very strict manner. If I’m running that day, I run an extra mile, or maybe I will run a little harder/faster. I make sure to eat just enough to fuel my body but not enough to feel stuffed. It’s good to be full. It’s not good to be stuffed.

When I go for days or weeks without seeing the numbers on the scale get smaller, I feel disappointed. Not in myself, because I know I’m doing most everything right. I do, however, take a closer look at my eating habits and try to analyze what I’m doing wrong. The last plateau I was on, I found that I was not eating enough. I was actually cutting back too much, and I put my body into starvation mode. This was bad. I adjusted, and sure enough, I was rewarded with more progress on the scale.

One thing I never do is contemplate quitting. There is no quitting a healthy lifestyle. There is only making adjustments to fix the formula to get the results I want. I also never get upset at myself. The past is the past. I can only change the future, and I make plans and do my best to stick to them.

I’m no Jedi or super person. I do not possess anything special or different than you. We all have willpower. We all have the ability to be motivated. It is incumbent on you to find your strength and motivation and stick with it. You can do it. Use that energy for good.

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