Post-Run Report: Monday, January 9th

file_000-75I have been thinking about what to do with this post, and it took me longer to decide than I thought it would. I’ve decided to move all my post-run reports to this blog instead of posting them on Facebook. Just like when I decided to move my Blog cross-posts from my personal Facebook profile to my PaleoMarine Facebook page, I think that my friends have had enough of my run photos.

With that said, I had a really nice run last night after work. I decided to run after work for two reasons: first, because it was cold in the morning and I didn’t want to run in the cold again, and second, because I stayed up a bit later than I normally like to when I am running the following morning. My pace was the fastest I’ve run since November (not counting the 5k I did in the second week of December), and I felt really good while running. I hit a good pace and kept at it the whole time.

My nipples decided to get sore on the last mile, but I think I’m going to tough it out and let them get used to the shirt rubbing against them. I could wear a compression shirt whenever I run, but I think I’d rather toughen up.

The distance wasn’t really shorter than my normal/usual runs. I ran the exact same course that typically yields 3.52 miles, but today the GPS decided to only give me 3.33. I don’t know where the other .2 miles went, but that’s fine. I’m happy with my time, pace, and the distance was over 3 miles, so that’s good.

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