Focusing on What is Right

file_000-39I recently found Dr. Andrea Dinardo’s Blog and it is full of a lot of great information! There was one thing that stuck out to me as being incredibly profound and important as it relates to getting healthy and fit: Focus on what is right.

A lot of us get to the point where we realize we need to diet and lose weight to get healthy and do some exercise to get fit. That’s kind of obvious. What many of us fail to do, however, is to also focus on what’s right. Using my example, here are the things I felt were right and that I was able to harness in my journey to getting fit and healthy:

  • I had great information from my cousin Sarah and my friend Matt. This information was like having a road map out of a strange and foreign city.
  • I had the love and support of an incredible woman who took on the journey with me and helped hold me up when I was weak.
  • I had the motivation, dedication, and perseverance to succeed.

So often, people focus on the things that are wrong and get lost in the details of how wrong things are. It’s easy to obsess over what’s wrong. For some reason, our brains are like a marble in a funnel that turns tighter and faster as it gets to the bottom. Focusing on what’s wrong seems to be a magnet for a domino effect of more negative thoughts.

I’m not saying ignore what’s wrong. Once you’ve identified what’s wrong, formulate a solution and then focus on what’s right and build on it. It’s easier to build on what’s right than to cover up what’s wrong.

I hope I got that right, Dr. Dinardo!

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