Whole 30 Week #2

Sherry’s week 2 Whole30 report. I’m not doing the Whole30 like she is, but when we eat together, I’m not eating anything non-Whole30 except for a little treat every now and then after a meal. Otherwise, I’m all Paleo. As I’ve adjusted my portions, I’ve lost a little weight only to gain it back on Saturday due to some pretty heavy grazing/eating while having friends over. No biggie; back to the good habits and serving sizes and it’ll come back down in no time.

Our Daily Bacon

As usual, week 2 was a bit harder than the first.  Extra stresses at work made it especially hard to avoid the sugar, but I managed to make it.

I find it’s particularly hard to find the energy to exercise during the 2nd week of a Whole 30.  Low energy levels and headaches kick in – certainly not nearly as bad as the first time, but bad enough to make me a little grumpy and want a little extra sleep. The grey skies and warmer temps that seemed to linger all week didn’t help either.  I prefer the cooler weather.

For meals this week we enjoyed a mix of old favorites and new adventures:

  • We found pork shoulder on sale, so we did a smoked pulled pork with our favorite simple rub of mustard and black pepper  from this, we made sliders with sweet potato buns, baked pork stuffed sweet…

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