What makes this journey different?

This is the blog of a dear friend, Elaine. She adopted the Paleo lifestyle seven months ago with her husband and she is the teensiest of amounts away from hitting 30 lbs lost! I’m super proud of her and her achievement. I appreciate her candor, and it’s important to note how much reflection and honesty is in this post. It’s hard for us to face realities about ourselves; Elaine has done that and is succeeding.

On the path to a healthier me!

I know I am 0.8 lbs away from 30 so I won’t count it as a milestone yet but I did finally reach the 170s for the first time in a while – I weighed in at today’s official check-in at 179 lb!

I was curious though how long it had been since I had seen the 170s (2008 by the way) so I started digging through the archives of this blog since I actually have had this blog around for a while and keep track of my past attempts at losing weight in now hidden posts. Here’s a quick summary of my past journeys:

  • 2002ish – Lost ~25 lbs, from 160 lbs to 135 lb. I was 28 at the time. Not sure how long it took.shutterstock_85655215
  • 2008 – Lost ~22 lbs , from 182 to 160 lbs. I was 34. This took 7 months.
  • 2012 – Lost ~21…

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4 thoughts on “What makes this journey different?

  1. I think the reality is that each time I’ve gone down the weight loss path, I was always optimistic and cheerful as I lost weight – but why didn’t I maintain it? It will be interesting to see if it was my method, not my motivation. Ooh – I need to add that to my post, LOL.

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    1. I know why I never did: because I never felt full, the food wasn’t as satisfying and delicious, and after a while, it gets boring and we crave new foods, flavors, and experiences. Fortunately, it’s easy to eat Paleo and have all those things!


      1. Since food wasn’t necessarily restricted in WW, it wasn’t that. It was the tedious counting of points. For me, I needed to do it to because it was easy to underestimate portion size and how many points things really were. Lots of hidden points even when you thought you had made a good choice. Not worrying about that and in general actually having to cook our meals (I never tried to do that with WW, I tried to make it fit into my habit of eating out daily) I think will help make Paleo a longer-lasting change for me.

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      2. I say it here all the time: whatever works the best is what you need to do. If this is working for you and you’re happy and it’s sustainable in the long-term, then GO WITH IT! YAY!!!

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