What keeps me up at night: nutrition ignorance

I was trying to fall asleep the other night, and quite literally, this kept me awake. I was thinking about how poor a job we have done in the US to educate our people properly about nutrition, and how big money has gotten in the way of that education and is now causing the largest epidemic of all time: obesity. (No, I don’t think about this EVERY night. I have my own problems to think about most of the time. lol)

I’m always surprised when people don’t know that orange juice  has roughly the same amount of sugar as the demon of the nutritional world, soda — about 5 to 8 teaspoons per cup. I watch people who are trying to lose weight switch from sodas like Coke or Dr. Pepper to orange juice or apple juice. They’ve literally traded one flavor for another.

There are many sources online that can point you to the real nutritional value of the foods you imbibe. Be careful and make sure they are neutral; there are many sites available that extol the virtues of orange juice as being healthy and good for you (it’s not bad in small amounts) as compared to sodas. A slice of pizza won’t kill you either, but a diet of pizza daily likely will.

Do the work. Look up your nutritional choices and make decisions based on fact, not on propaganda. I want you to be healthy, and to get there, you need cold, hard facts.

2 thoughts on “What keeps me up at night: nutrition ignorance

  1. I do miss my OJ but I’ve been good and have not bought any in a while. I was considering buying a bottle Simply Orange next time I shop though and drinking it watered down with sparking water for something different. That’s my biggest struggle with eating Paleo – it’s the lack of flavorful drink options.

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    1. Mine, too. I’ve found that many herbal teas are naturally sweet and while I couldn’t taste the sweetness in them before I went Paleo, now that I don’t use sugar, I can definitely taste it. I miss my super-sweet coffee, too, but I’ve learned that light roast coffee is naturally sweet. Not as sweet as when I put four spoons of sugar in it, of course, but sweet enough to be refreshing. The one sore spot for me with Paleo is the lack of sweet drink options, but that’s more due to my sweet drink addiction than anything else. I hope one day to be free of that one last nagging temptation.


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