More Embarrassing Memories of Being Overweight

I thought of something that I had been able to put out of my mind since losing 115 lbs. It’s something I haven’t had to do in a long time, and it hadn’t even crossed my mind until I was making a video talking about my weight loss, health, and fitness journey: the embarrassment of the amount of food I ate.

When I would go to lunch with co-workers or a boss, I would often order far less food than I was hungry for because I was embarrassed by the amount of food I would eat in comparison to other normal people. This would often leave me hungry after a meal, and I would then eat a second smaller lunch away from the other people.

The same would hold true when we went to eat with friends, whether it was at their home or at a restaurant. I would often under-eat because I didn’t want them to know just how much food I could go through.

I now eat far less than anyone else I typically eat lunch or dinner with. It’s kind of funny being the person who eats the smaller portions. Now, people ask me if I’m actually full after eating so little, to which I truthfully reply that I am. It’s nice to not be embarrassed by the amount of food I eat anymore.

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