Day One or One Day: Which one do you pick?

0042bdd88e05e5347cb12e43ccd8151cIt’s simple, really. You can keep making plans and putting off starting your healthy lifestyle to “One day,” or you can make today “Day One.” Day One can even be planning menus and taking action toward getting healthy. It doesn’t mean you have to make your next meal Paleo, Whole30, or Keto. Day One can be going for a walk after work. It can be emptying your pantry of food items with sugar, carbs, beans, and dairy. It can be putting together a grocery list or even going to the store and buying groceries for your new healthy lifestyle. It can be avoiding sugar starting now.

Don’t make getting healthy a “One day” decision. Make today Day One. You will look back at Day One and wonder what took you so long to start. I know I have many times.

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