Turning up the flavor, Paleo style

More great recipes and meal successes to share from my wife Sherry’s blog, Our Daily Bacon. You should check these recipes out and give them a try!

Our Daily Bacon

Now that we’re back to our regularly scheduled Paleo program, it’s time to turn up the flavor and get back to a little more creativity in the kitchen.

The last 2 Sunday prep days have been adventures in finding new flavors and more Paleo analogues to help diversify our diet and enjoy some of the old foods we used to love in new ways.

  • Primal Cannelloni al Forno – This is an original adaptation of the old Olive Garden dish my mom and I used to eat regularly.  It’s been off the menu a long time now, but I have a copy of the recipe that I adapted to follow primal guidelines (I didn’t remove the cheese, but did reduce the quantity a bit)  Funny thing is I used to think this recipe was just too much work to make regularly – but since all of my dishes typically now…

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