The honest truth: warts and all

Life isn’t all ponies and rainbows. It’s full of difficulty, challenge, and warts. That’s why I don’t post only my successes here, but also my challenges. There are days I eat too much, eat something I’m not supposed to, or just feel down. I try to minimize those days, but they do happen because I am human.

I know some sites always present a positive, cheery, and a “Success is easy to attain” face. That’s well and good for other sites, but I just can’t do that. I have to present the truth.

I used to be the fat guy reading websites trying to figure out how to lose weight safely and without a lot of exercise. I would find websites that had all the answers. There was never any failure, no setbacks, and it was easy! Only after reading some more did I find out that those sites were being disingenuous and misleading. Then I read about Whole30. What made me really think it was possible was that they were up-front about how difficult the first week or two can be. That was a wake-up call for me: it wouldn’t be easy, and here they are telling me so. Why would they do that? Honesty goes a long way with me, and if they were presenting the bad along with the good right up front, maybe there was some veracity to their claims.

Paleo is much the same way. The more I read, the more I found that it wasn’t all ponies and rainbows, but a challenge. However, if you rose to the challenge and were able to adapt to it, it would reward you with great health, weight loss (if you were overweight) and more energy than before.

So, there you have it: why do I post my challenges and difficulties. I call them my warts posts. I don’t hide ’em. I figure if you can learn from my challenges, and see that it’s not all super-easy, it’ll help you either get started or get past those difficult times that you, like I did, will face eventually. It won’t be a surprise. We all go through it, only some of us aren’t willing to disclose it. I am.

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