Am I a PaleoSoldier now, too?

img_4359aI’ve been asked a few times already since yesterday if I’m going to change my site’s name to PaleoSoldier since I’m now a soldier in the Army National Guard. The short answer is no. I was an active duty Marine for 11 years, and that will always be a large part of who I am. I will take my experience and knowledge from those 11 years with me to the National Guard and I will utilize it to the best of my ability to be the best solider I can possibly be. I will now also be a citizen soldier, a member of the oldest military service of our nation. I will be part of a long tradition of citizens who train and keep themselves ready for the call from our country. I am very proud of my service in the Marines, and I am equally proud of my service in the National Guard.

So, while I am PaleoMarine, I guess I’m now also PaleoSoldier. Or PaleoGuard. Or PaleoCitizenSoldier. Well, you get the picture. Ultimately, I’m E.J., a guy who was a Marine, got fat, got fit, and then became a National Guard soldier.Call me whatever you want, but don’t call me late for a good, hearty Paleo dinner.

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