Making tough decisions regarding foods

Sherry and I standing in front of a wall of ham at the Museo de Jammon in Madrid, Spain

Today, I’ve been good in regards to eating properly. Well, until I had that one candied orange with chocolate on it. But otherwise, I’ve been eating the right foods in the right amounts. I am doing my best. Honestly. But I’m not sacrificing my experience by avoiding everything. I just avoid eating everything at once.

I’ve been walking a lot. Later today or tomorrow morning, I’ll have my first run since going on vacation that will (hopefully) be the first of many runs. I’m really looking forward to it. I climb stairs when I can, and I try to make sure I’m as active as possible within the framework of our vacation and our friends.

Today at lunch, there were so many foods I wanted to eat and try, but I know we are going out tonight to have Paella, and since that has rice and probably some other things in it that aren’t Paleo, I held back. I decided to stick with chorizo and some boiled potatoes. The weird part: it filled me up. The amount was actually quite small, but I felt not only sated, but really satisfied with the flavors. Spain is proving to be a culinary cornucopia of unimaginable proportions. Truly friendly people, beautiful sights, and delicious foods.

It would be easy to over-eat or to eat foods that aren’t Paleo-friendly here. The bakeries are stocked full of stuff I would love to try, but honestly, I can do without. I do try a few things here and there with just a bite or a taste, but nothing more. And I’m okay with that. It’s a balance and I’m learning to live with it.

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