Getting ready to go home and go Paleo again

This past two weeks has been amazing. My wife have had a great time with friends in Spain visiting Barcelona, Segovia, Toledo, and Madrid. Aside from the sights, as I predicted, the food has played a large role in our experience. Fortunately, most of the food in Europe is far lower in sugar than in the US, and portions are smaller as well. Also, food tends to be more Paleo-friendly to begin with, so that also helps. However, I’ve eaten off the reservation quite a bit.

I don’t know how many pounds I’ve gained; I will find out tomorrow when I get home. I think I’ve gained a tiny bit of size around my waist, but not a lot. My fitness level has dropped since I was only able to run twice in the past 11 days. These are all realities I’m going to deal with head-on when I get back home. I’m not demotivated, upset, or even worried. I enjoyed my time here, I made as many sensible decisions as I could, and those few times I completely threw caution to the wind in terms of consumption of food with sugar, grains, or alcohol, were completely worth it and I don’t regret them for a moment.

Even though I’ve had a great time and I am not ready for it to end, I am ready to get back to my Paleo diet. I feel better when I eat well, and I miss my running routine. I never thought that would be me, but here I am. I know it will take a bit of time for my weight to get back down to pre-vacation levels, but it will get there. I know the formula and the method, and I know how much work it will take. I’m ready for it, and looking forward to it.

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