I still want to eat like crazy, but not because I’m hungry

Churros and Cocoa at San Gines in Madrid. Absolutely delicious.

The hardest part so far about coming back from a vacation where I ate a lot of foods is the fact that I still want to eat like crazy. It’s not because I’m hungry. Well, it feels like hunger, but really, it’s either boredom or cravings I’m still kicking from the added sugar that I had in my diet over the past two weeks. I’ve had to do things like drink glasses of water, drink some coffee, or find something to take my mind off of it over the past weekend. It worked: I didn’t eat outside of meal times.

When going back to a strict eating plan, there’s always some push-back from the body and also from our minds. My mind loves eating, and my body jumps right on the “Let’s eat all the things” bandwagon by giving me cravings between meals. Fortunately, I know that this all subsides after a few days of clean eating. Good, natural foods don’t have this effect on me, and once my body is accustomed to it, I can eat reasonable portions three times a day without hunger or cravings, imagined or otherwise. I just need to get there.

Starting a Whole30 is hard. Going back to Paleo after vacation feels like I’m doing a Whole30 again. At least I know how my body reacts, what to expect, and I also know that it will get better soon. The best part: I will feel super and I will be back to losing weight soon. After that, I’ll reach my goal and then be in maintenance mode. I can’t wait!

Oh, I’m down another pound this morning to 176. I’ve now lost all but 2 lbs of the weight I put on in Spain in the past two weeks, and it’s only taken me three days to do it. I finally feel better this morning and without the flu symptoms. It feels really good.

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