Results not typical

bigejwine20142017You know those commercials on TV where they show a picture of someone who weighed over 300 lbs and then you see them wearing some sexy clothes and they are thin? They say, “I used Product X and lost 150 lbs in one year!” Then, there’s a small bit of text at the bottom of the screen that always says something to the effect of, “This weight loss was based on a healthy diet and exercise. These results are not typical.”

Well, I have good news for you! Those results are far more typical than you’d think! For those who actually eat well and get some exercise, they will lose weight. For every person who says, “But I eat well and I exercise but I can’t seem to lose weight,” I’m certain that you would find that they are not eating right. They may THINK they’re eating right, but ultimately, they are not. Why do I say this? How can I be certain? Because I’ve helped analyze diets of some of these people and when they are honest and send me the list of foods they eat every week, I’ve found 100% of the time that they are not eating right. What they think is healthy really isn’t. You can run, run, run until the day is done but unless you’re eating good food, it’s all for nothing.


The bad news is that you can’t rely on a lot of the established “Science” in diet and nutrition. So much of it is based on studies paid for by food lobbies that it can’t be trusted. The recommendations they give are sketchy, at best. Milk and grains, even whole grains, are not nearly as good for you as these studies make them out to be. To the contrary, they are bad for us. I won’t even get into sugar again. It’s literally toxic to us and is killing us.

The results I’ve experience since going Paleo are typical if you stick with it and you are strict with it. 100% typical. But you have to persevere, you have to be honest, and you have to resist temptation. If you can’t do that, you will not have the same results I’ve had. Plain and simple.


I know some people have a slower or harder time with it. I get it. Our bodies are all different. But what I’ve found is that these people often have a meal where they say, “Well, the weight’s not coming off, so I’ll just have this hamburger and get right back to the diet.” I’m sorry, but that’s not how this works. I know it’s hard. It’s been hard for me too. But the payoff is so much better than the short-term gratification of eating a burger that I can now easily resist these temptations. You can, too.

Get it in your head that you are on a new eating plan now. You are no longer the person you once were. This new you now eats a certain diet. You wouldn’t feed a fish to a koala bear. Be the koala bear and adopt the new lifestyle and stick with it. Paleo is delicious, healthy, and filling. It’s not all salads and baked chicken breast (thank God!).

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