The same guy inside


2014 vs 2017

I’m beside myself. Literally. In the photo above, I’m over 312 lbs on the left and 174 lbs on the right. I know, the Photoshop job wasn’t perfect, but it gets the point across: I’ve changed a lot. When I was the guy on the left, I ate without limits, thought exercise was something I would never do let alone like, and that any thoughts of military service were long gone for me. I never dreamed that three years later, I’d be in fighting shape and back in the military.

Inside, I’m the same guy. It’s weird. I’ve recalibrated my mindset and and adopted a new, healthier lifestyle, but I’m the same guy. Last night, as we were going to sleep, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I was checking out my stomach muscles that are increasingly becoming prominent. Sherry said, “I didn’t know you were so vain. Being thin brings that out in you.” I told her that I wasn’t vain, but that I still find it surprising that I am fit. It’s still weird to me.

She told me she’s used to her body now, and that it’s her new normal. For me, it’s still weird. It’s a good weird, but weird. Ultimately, I’m still the same person. I’ve just been on a roller coaster ride on the scale.

The guy on the left would have laughed hard if you told him back in 2014 that he’d be in the Army National Guard in 2017. He’d tell you that there was no way that could be true, and that he’d never do enough exercise to lose all the weight. He didn’t understand how weight loss worked back then. If only he’d have known, he could have joined the military a lot sooner.

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