“You think you’re better than everyone else?”

pbmtlpkNo. Not even close. The only person I’m trying to be better than is the person I was yesterday. Plain and simple.

Someone said to me that they believe that I think I’m better than everyone else. This is patently untrue. So crazy untrue, it’s laughable. Yet it gave me pause. Why would anyone think this?

I talk about my success with weight loss. This is true. I do talk about it. A lot. But that’s why I have this blog. I am hoping to motivate others. I hope to give inspiration to those who may think that losing weight is impossible.

I talk about my success in fitness. Also true. Same as my talking about weight loss, this is something I’ve tackled in my life that I want to inspire and motivate others with.

I discuss the positive changes in my life. These positive changes are the result of a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and discipline. Losing weight and getting fit is based on a simple formula, but it’s not easy. The rewards, however, are definitely worth it, and again, I hope to inspire others to attain good health and better fitness by showing my example.

I post lots of selfies. I sure do. I aim to inspire and motivate. The best way to do that is to show before and after pictures of myself. They are my resume. I could have a page dedicated to my qualifications, what I’ve read, the sites I use as my source of information, etc. None of it matters. What matters is that I was fat and I’m not anymore. I used a healthy diet to lose weight and exercise to get fit. The pictures speak a thousand words.

I don’t, however, talk about my success with weight loss, fitness, the positive changes in my life, or post selfies to condescend or to make anyone feel inadequate. If someone infers it that way, they need to look inward and discover why they feel that way. If I remind you of someone you don’t like, that’s your problem and not mine. I can only be who I am, and as I strive to be better, there is only one person I can ever hope to be better than: the person I was yesterday.

2 thoughts on ““You think you’re better than everyone else?”

  1. I’m amazed someone could say that. I find your posts and progress truly inspirational – finding myself in a similar situation to your own, I am unashamedly copying what you have done in the hope I can finally lost the weight and get fit. Would it be OK if I posted a link to your site on my blog? (I’m finding WordPress more challenging that Whole30 at the moment, but hopefully I’ll work it out in the end!)

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