I have accomplished some amazing things

It just hit me. I’ve accomplished some amazing things in the past 18 months:

  • I lost over 140 lbs
  • I got back into decent shape
  • I can fit into clothes bought directly off the rack at any store
  • I can run three miles with a 9 minute/mile pace (or better)
  • I can do 80+ push ups
  • I am no longer diabetic
  • I can use the tray table on an airplane in economy

All of this because of Whole30 and Paleo and a lot of perseverance.

file-3 (4)

I thought of this because I used to watch other people start diets or exercise plans and invariably, a year or so later, when they posted their accomplishments, I’d look back at that same period of time and think to myself, “I did nothing to make myself better in that time. Here I am, same as before, while this person has improved their health and/or fitness. I wasted all that time and could have done something better!”

Now, I’ve had people tell me that very same thing. “If I’d have started when you did, I’d have lost a lot of weight by now, too!” Yes, probably. So do the next best thing: start today!

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