Personal bests, new low weight, and progress!


Yesterday afternoon after work, I had one of those runs that really sticks out from the rest. I’ve been experimenting with eating some dried apricot 30 minutes to an hour before a run, and the results have been blowing me away. I had no fewer than five personal records yesterday and I felt great during and even after the run.

I also weighed myself after the run and I came in at the lowest weight I’ve been at since I began this weight loss journey back in September 2015: 170.6 lbs. That’s over 142 lbs lost since my highest.


This morning, the scale was still very nice to me at 172.2 lbs (my previous lowest weight which I hit before going to Spain in February), which is to be expected. We ate a rather big dinner welcoming my daughter back home on her visit from NYC and some of the weight loss I experienced yesterday was surely water weight I sweated out during the run.

Regardless, hitting a new low in weight is a new high point for me. I’m just 5 lbs away from my FINAL GOAL! It’s also been very educational to me in demonstrating the following:

  • I can maintain a certain weight with allowances for non-Paleo things every now and then
  • I can lose weight when I go back to following the rules

I’ve been doing EVERYTHING right this week, and the weight has been coming off me like it did in the beginning. There were things I was doing wrong and some bad habits I allowed to slip in, but since I’ve gotten rid of those, I’m back to losing weight.

Five more pounds. I can see the finish line now. Just a little bit more and I’m there. It feels great.

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