Monday Weigh-Ins are Always Tough

IMG_5744(1)Every weekend, without fail, I gain about 2 lbs. Most of it is water weight, and some is honest weight. Honest weight is that weight that I put on from either eating more than I should have, or food with higher sugar or carb content than I normally do (which also adds to the water weight through water retention).

It’s always the same, and it’s always aggravating, yet it’s also comforting to know that by doing the right things again, I will be back to Friday’s weight by Wednesday morning, and typically a new low on Friday. I’m really hoping for this trend this week as I go into my first APFT and official Army Weigh In this coming Saturday. I’m already well below my max weight for my height, but I am going for a 10 lbs buffer. I’m almost there. It’s so close. Two steps forward, one step back.

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