Progress Restarted

My weight loss has been plateaued for quite a while now, and after increasing my portion sizes didn’t yield as much progress as I’d hoped for, I posted here some things I felt needed to be changed to restart my weight loss. Well, after just three days, I’ve dropped 4 lbs. I’ve been getting more sleep, I’ve cut out the sweet potatoes and almond butter, and I’ve been eating proper portion sizes.

The biggest challenge so far has been the almond butter. That little sweet after dinner became a little too comfortable and common, and for the past two days, I’ve missed it. I know that I will miss it less and less as time goes by, and that’s how I get through the cravings for it after dinner. It’s insidious how sugar can creep back in and get its claws back into you. Even if it’s a “Good” sugar, it’s still sugar.

The same can be said for sweet potatoes. I love them, and they are on both Whole30 and Paleo’s good lists, but for me, it’s a food that I have a hard time controlling myself with. If there is a whole sweet potato on my plate, I will eat the whole thing. Regardless of how big it is, or how hungry I am; it will all disappear into my stomach. For that reason, I’m keeping it off my plate for now.

I ran two days ago and will be running again later this afternoon. I typically weigh myself after my runs, so I am looking forward to seeing what my weight is then. I’m hoping for a new low this week and perhaps hitting my final goal within the month. If I can get there, then I’ll be happy and able to resume a little more flexibility in my diet. Until then, I’ll continue to be very strict. The progress is worth it.

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