Eating for entertainment

I used to eat so much of this just because I was bored.

I used to eat for entertainment when I was obese. I ate out of boredom, frustration, to help with stress, and when I decided that something looked good and I just had to have it. Learning to change my relationship with food from one of entertainment to fuel has changed a lot more in my life than just my health and weight. It’s helped me with overcoming the desire for short-term gratification.

In all things in life, those that are most worthwhile take time and effort to attain. If it’s worth a lot, chances are it takes a long time to acquire. Massive wealth, a paid off home, a college degree, or a becoming a master of your job field all takes time. Weight loss takes time and effort; the more weight, the more of both.

I’ve learned through my journey with food, health, and diet that I can put off impulses better now. My bank account is evidence of this: I no longer have to have things immediately. I have found I’m much better at analyzing a need and determining whether it’s really a need or just a desire. Most of the time, it turns out to be the latter, and I can push the impulse to the back of my head.

With food, it’s much the same. There was extra food left over after a meeting in the building today, and people were rummaging through the food to make plates for themselves. This was a good two hours after they all ate lunch. I asked a few of these people if they missed lunch, and they replied, “No, but free food!” Their plates were stacked as high as physically possible without falling over. A year and a half ago, I would have been one of those people. Today? It’s just not something that I want, nor does it appeal to me.

Short-term gratification vs long-term goals. I’m in this for the long-haul. I won’t derail my progress or health because something looks good. It’s just not enough reason.

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