Why do I do it?

There are lots of reasons. I’ve talked about it before, but it’s something I still get asked pretty often, so I’ll talk about it again.

In the beginning, it had to do with the fact that I had so much to say, and I wanted to talk to people all the time about the amazing changes going on in my life due to me doing a Whole30 and adopting the Paleo Diet. I wanted everyone to know that they could be eating better food and helping themselves get healthy just through their diet. I was losing more weight without exercise than many people I know who were working their tails off! Instead of annoying everyone around me, I started this blog.

Then, my mission quickly changed as I started hearing from people who were inspired or motivated by my example. I was interviewed by a few websites, and even a featured runner on Reddit. As word of this website spread, more and more people were giving me feedback about how I was helping them lose weight.

Then, there’s feedback like this which totally and completely humbed me:

2017-04-24 15_02_16-(1) Tracy Giguere Cook

The irony is that Tracy is one of the people who inspired me the most when I first started running. Whenever I got tired during a run, or my legs were aching, or all I wanted to do was quit, I thought of Tracy and how she was training for a half-marathon. She completed it, too, and once again, was an inspiration to me. She’s always upbeat and never lets any setback get her down for the count. She brushes herself off and gets right back into the swing of things. If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is!

Then there’s this incredibly nice post on the blog My Pants are too tight. This is what gives me inspiration now to keep blogging and keep posting information, ideas, and tricks I use to keep losing weight, getting healthier, and getting fitter.

I’m not perfect, and I have setbacks, too. I document these to show people that everyone has setbacks, everyone struggles, and everyone has a hard time now and then with staying on-track. It’s okay; we’re all human, and we’re all going to make mistakes. What separates us from those who stay overweight is that we continue to get back on the right path after we’ve strayed. What separates us runners from those who are out of shape is that we continue to get out there and get the job done even when we don’t really feel like it.

I know you can do this. It’s not easy, but it is simple. It takes work, but you’re worth it. Your health is worth it. Your life is worth it.

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