No. No, no, no, no, no!

I run. I waited until I lost 110 lbs to do it safely.

If you’re over 100 lbs overweight and want to lose weight, CHANGE YOUR DIET. Don’t try to get out there and walk for 30 minutes or go to the gym three times a week and sweat for an hour expecting weight loss without changing your diet. You will be doing a whole lot of work with very little results!

I just got done talking to a lady who worked with a personal trainer for a year, and she mentioned that she stopped exercising which meant she wouldn’t be losing any more weight. I told her this was wrong, and it was difficult for her to understand that diet accounts for 90% of weight loss with exercise making your heart stronger and your muscles stronger. Sure, you will likely lose extra weight as a result of exercise, but it’s not the main factor. DIET IS.

It’s amazing how little people know about nutrition and exercise and the role they play in our weight management and health. I use this to fuel my desire to get the word out, to teach people how important it is to eat right FIRST and exercise SECOND. If you’re 100+ lbs overweight, it’s important to eat right BEFORE exercising. I waited until I lost 110 lbs before I began running, and now seven months later, I am running sub-8 minute miles and I got here without injury.

Do yourself a favor. Check out Whole30. Check out Paleo. They will get you where you want to be without hurting yourself, without starving yourself, and in a way that your body is built for: eating good, natural, whole foods.

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