Anniversary Dinner

IMG_6532 (Edited)My wife surprised me with a dinner at one of the top-3 rated restaurants for romantic dates and anniversaries in the Houston area: Chez Nous. It is located in Humble, and is in an unassuming residential area. While the outside appears to be a re-purposed residential dwelling, the inside is lavishly French. The staff are outstanding, and the food was beyond delicious. However, there were some non-Paleo choices made, and we’re okay with that.

First, it began with the bread. They served a sour dough roll that had just come out of the oven and was made from scratch. I had a roll with some butter on it; it was simply heavenly. I’ve always loved sour dough, but their was divine. Next was a plate of fois gras with toast cut into triangles. The toast was very light and crunch, and the fois gras was delicious. The main course was a Chateaubriand that Sherry and I shared, prepared medium-rare and served with spiralized squash, mashed potatoes, and carrots. This meal was also amazing and full of flavor. For dessert, Sherry decided we had to have the Grand Marnier Souffle, which she ordered. When it was brought to us, we were told that another was coming as well, as the chef wanted us to have a special one. We ate the first souffle and awaited the second. When it arrived, we knew why the chef wanted us to have this one; in chocolate, it was written (in French), “Happy Anniversary.” Souffles are very light, and we easily ate the second one. We finished the evening with complimentary bubbly wine.

The experience was stellar and memorable. We ate some delicious fare we otherwise stay away from, but this time, we ate them without fear, guilt, or regret. The next morning, my weight was right where it normally is, and I felt fine without any major bloating or swelling.

Every now and then, it’s okay to eat non-Paleo foods. Sherry and I were as careful as we could be, but in the end, our decisions were as Paleo as they could be without limiting our ability to enjoy ourselves with a little bit of naughtiness. It was well worth it!

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