No, I’m not always grumpy

V8q4KXh (1)
An amazing pen and gouache drawing of me by Redditor /u/Jastyoot.

To the uninitiated, I may appear grumpy. Well, that’s not true. I’m actually quite a cheerful and happy guy. What I also am, however, is blunt. I don’t sugar-coat things, and I don’t beat around the bush. If it needs to be said I will say it. Sometimes, with tact, and sometimes with less tact. I always try to be as nice as I can without watering down the message.

This blog is an extension of me. It’s not my sole means of communications with the world. Like many people, I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Even if you were to look at all the social media that I post, it still wouldn’t really give you a really good picture of who I am until you put that together with who I am in person.

The past few weeks have seen me posting here on this blog on topics that exasperate me from time to time. It may seem like I am unhappy or feeling frustrated all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of my blog posts are the result of an interaction or a conversation and I feel inspired to write about it. I typically don’t post more than once a day unless there’s something important or worthy of an unscheduled post, so it goes into the queue. It’s how I stay on top of ensuring there’s always new content here.

I’m not frustrated, upset, stressed, or even cranky. Heck, I’m actually pretty overjoyed with the progress people I know are making. They’ve changed their lives for the better, and they continue to see positive movement in reducing their weight, getting healthier, and in some cases, even getting fit. That’s incredibly satisfying, and I am humbled when they thank me.

There’s an old saying: “Tell it to the Marines.

This legend ‘Tell it to the Marines’ goes back to 1664, when Charles 2nd was king of England. A ship’s Master returned from a long cruise and told the King a sea story he couldn’t believe. “Fish that could fly like birds?” the Merry Monarch exclaimed. “I have my doubts!” “Nay sire it is true,” said Sir William Killgren, Colonel of the new British Marine Regiment raised that year. “I have myself seen flying fish many a time in the Southern Waters. I vouch for the truth of this strange tale, Your Majesty.” The King thought it over. At last he turned to Samuel Pepys, the secretary of the Admiralty. “Mr Pepys,” he said, “No class of our subjects hath such knowledge of odd things on land or sea as our Marines. Hereafter when we hear a yarn that lacketh likelihood, we tell it to the Marines, for if they believe it, then we shall know it is true.”

I tell it like I see it; no more, no less. I don’t make up my information; it’s based off of what I have experienced first-hand. This may or may not work for you, but it’s worked for me.

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