The closer I get to my goal weight, the slower the rate of loss gets

At least at the very end. When I set initial goals of losing 20 lbs, 50 lbs, and even 100 lbs, I met those goals either on or before the mark, or slightly afterward (as in the case of my losing 100 lbs). Getting to my final goal has taken me quite a long time, and I’m still not there! I am within 2 lbs of it, although my weight has been going up and down +/- 2 lbs, bouncing off of my lowest weight a few times. I know I can get to 165 lbs if I really, really want to, but I’ve also been allowing myself to eat a regular Paleo diet without eating a “Weight loss” Paleo diet. What’s the difference? That, to me, would be cutting down on anything with sweetener in it at all, including honey or fruit. I haven’t gone that strict because, to be honest, I’ve been pretty happy with my weight and my physical progress.

My victories in the past few months have been mostly non-scale victories (NSV’s). Most of my NSV’s involve either losing waist size, shrinking extra skin, or improving muscle toning. I’ve also been making improvements in my push ups and in my run times.

As I get to the end of my weight loss phase, I am coming to the realization that I will not do anything different when I reach 165 lbs. I won’t eat a pizza, eat a cake, or have any sort of celebratory meal. To do so would be completely against everything I’ve learned in the past year and a half in regards to eating. I will likely just jump up and down like an idiot in the bathroom and smile a lot.

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