Whole30 Round 3 Begins Today

Today begins another round of Whole30; this time, to support Sherry. She feels that she has been eating larger than necessary portion sizes and sweets (albeit Paleo) in the evenings after dinner and she’s put on some weight she wants to lose. While I’ve been doing well with the weight, diet, and exercise, I need to support Sherry in this. Also, I figure that I could use the clean(er) eating for a month and sort of reset my own diet habits. I’ve been known to eat a few Paleo sweets here and there just because, and that’s a no-no.


I started off today with three slices of bacon and two eggs coupled with the cup of coffee I drink on my way in to work. For lunch, Sherry made three different Whole30 meals to package for our lunches and some dinners this short week, and it turns out that they are actually favorites of ours that we eat even when we’re not on a Whole30. I’ll likely start the week’s lunches off with a Tex-Mex Casserole that I love so much. Dinner is supposed to be some sort of fish (Trout, I think) with asparagus or broccoli.

It’s funny; I know what to expect, and I know that this time around, it won’t be hard at all. The only thing I will miss is the flexibility in having a Paleo-friendly bar or jerky in the afternoon after lunch and before a run, but I will replace that with some almonds. I very rarely need a snack, but I’m finding that on run days, it’s good to have a little extra energy on tap.

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