The after-effects of a weekend of fun and free eating (mostly)

IMG_6781[1]After a weekend of rest and relaxation with my wife and another couple in Austin and Fredericksburg, Texas, we found ourselves faced with the challenge of deciding whether to partake in some German foods and pastries or to avoid them. We decided to go ahead and eat them, even though the pastry was filled with sugar.

We started the day at Paleo(f)X and sampled Paleo foods for about three hours straight. While the food was all Paleo, the amount was pretty large, and we were pretty filled up with naturally sweetened foods.

The meal I ate later in the day was Jaegerschnitzel, and was served with spaetzle (one of my favorite foods). I don’t ever eat spatzle, or nokedli as it’s called in Hungarian because it’s a pasta made with flour. I’ve tried some Paleo variants, but they haven’t quite been the same, so I just don’t eat it anymore. At this meal, however, I ate a serving, and yes, it was just as good and tasty as I remembered! I also had a few drinks and some wine earlier in the day.

The following day, I had two (TWO!) breakfasts that consisted of bacon and eggs and some cantaloupe and strawberries, and then after a lunch of wurst and sauerkraut, we had an apple strudel. It was absolutely delicious, but also filled to the brim with sugar.

The damage? I was up 7 lbs on Monday morning following the trip. I know it’s mostly water weight, but it’s still shocking to see on the scale and to feel in the waist. I can see on my skin that I’m retaining water, so I know it’s not permanent, but it’s amazing to me how much it bothers me now to be bloated this way. It strengthens my resolve to get back to my more comfortable weight range.

I will run later in the day which will take care of some of the extra water weight, but it usually takes a good 2-3 days for me to get rid of it all. I’m hoping it all comes back off in that time.

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