Whole30 and Overall Update


So far, so good! Sherry is making some solid progress, and I’m doing well. I wasn’t expecting to lose any weight, and I haven’t yet, but I feel great. Eating on this Whole30 has been really pretty painless as Sherry has perfected so many of our Whole30 recipes and choices. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a slightly stricter Paleo menu.


My runs have been all amazing, even allowing me to experience what I think a “Runner’s High” feels like. I have been able to get to 100 push ups, and now I’m pushing for more. I have lots of energy, and my clothes are fitting great. Best yet; the skin is continuing to shrink around my mid-section.


I am doing this Whole30 to support Sherry. I figured it’s never a bad idea for me to follow it every now and then just to make sure things are all in ship-shape in terms of my serving sizes and the foods I eat. It’s also a good reminder of what eating good, whole food does for me and my body. It’s amazing how well you can eat on a Whole30!

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