Mission Accomplished: 165 lbs


I did it. By sticking with the Paleo Diet and doing another Whole30 to help me get past the last 2 lbs, I finally reached my goal of 165 lbs.

I thought I’d do a happy dance or something silly, but after seeing the scale (and re-weighing myself three times to be sure), I raised my arms in victory, and then almost cried. I say almost, because there were no tears, but my eyes did water up, and I had to sit down to let it sink in.

I did it.

It took 20 months, but I went from 312 lbs to 165 lbs. My body fat went from an astonishing 47% to 11%. I went from living a sedentary lifestyle to being a runner who is also in the National Guard.

My wife says I’ve completely reconfigured myself. The crazy part is how much of the rest of my life followed suit. Changing my diet has changed much in my life, and all of it is for the better.

As my wife congratulated me yesterday on reaching 165 lbs, I thanked her because there’s no way I could have done it without her. Aside from the cooking of our lunches and many dinners, she’s motivated me and helped keep me on the right track more than once. This was possible because we are a team, and this was a team effort.

Now, as we’re doing our third Whole30, she’s already lost 4 lbs in 4 days (I know, we’re not supposed to weigh ourselves, but we always break that rule) and she’s feeling much better again already. As for me? I lost 2 lbs this week to push me past 165 lbs. I’m sticking with the Whole30, so I may get some more bonus weigh loss out of it. At this point, for me, I’m in bonus territory; any further weight loss is just bonus.

I feel good and look good at 165 lbs. I haven’t felt this accomplished of anything in a while. It feels good.

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: 165 lbs

  1. SO proud of you EJ! I have been following you for about a year now, and about to start another Whole30 on Monday. You motivate me so much man!

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