More Free Weight Loss Thanks to Whole30

It happened without trying. It happened when I thought there was no more to lose. After my run, I weighed myself, and I was surprised by weighing in at 162.9 lbs. Wow! That’s the lowest I’ve weighed since I was around 23 years old, and almost a full 2 lbs less than my last low.

The fact that I’m losing weight means that my body is still reconfiguring, and still getting leaner. I run every other day, and that helps, but honestly, the weight loss kicked back in once Sherry and I undertook our third Whole30. The strict diet and attention to the food we are eating has helped me re-learn portion size control and got me off the dessert habit I’d reacquired, even if it was only a Paleo cookie every other dinner or so.

My goal was to hit 165 lbs. I’m now 162.9 lbs. That makes me very happy, and it makes it easier to run, makes my clothing fit better (although I’m now into small sized shirts and smaller pants which means more visits to the outlet mall for more new clothes), and I even feel better (which I didn’t think was possible).

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