Today I am 50

Today, I turn 50 years old. I never imagined that I would be as healthy and as fit as I am today when I was young. I hoped, but never really gave it much thought. 50 was so far off; why would I consider what it would be like to be 50 when I was 21? 25? 30? Nobody really thinks about it, and it creeps up on you. BAM! Just like that, I’m 50!

The weird part for me is that I feel better today at 50 than when I turned 40. When I turned 40, my wife threw me an amazing surprise party at an aviation museum in Galveston, Texas. My family and closest friends were there, and it was a special time. I was very overweight back then, and I remember thinking for the first time that my next big birthday was just 10 years off, and I began to wonder if I would make it that long. My health was okay but becoming troublesome, and fitness was something I couldn’t even imagine nor contemplate. I thought that 40 was the beginning of a decline for me that would end in my death sometime within the next decade.

Two years ago, things turned around for me in a big way. First, I did a Whole30 and then adopted the Paleo Diet. Then, exactly a year later, I began running. Now, I eat clean and I run 3-4 times a week. I can do 100 push ups without effort, and I can buy clothing off the rack anywhere. I can fit into booths, economy airline seats, and I can sqeeze through tight spots with ease. I can climb stairs without getting winded, tie my shoes without holding my breath, and I can do housework without breaking into a sweat. These are all amazing things that we take for granted when we’re young and fit, but these are all things I had given up on long ago.

Fifty isn’t old. At least it doesn’t feel old to me. I feel as good, or better, than I did when I turned 30. I’m definitely in better shape now, which is hard to believe. I remember thinking 50 was old when I was a kid. Now I know that I was wrong. Age is but a number; I feel young, and I will continue to do lots of fun things as long as I’m able. If I have anything to do with it, I’ll be here to annoy and pester my wife for a long time on the many adventures we hope to have together.

Happy birthday to me! This is the best one I’ve had in a long time, and I’m looking forward to celebrating a lot more of them!

4 thoughts on “Today I am 50

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Such a great attitude because you’re right, age is just a number and it’s fantastic to hear how great you feel now even compared to 20 years ago. Hope you’re celebrating well! 🙂
    Caz x


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