The weight is holding steady at a good spot

After completing our third Whole30, I stopped losing weight again. It’s okay, though. The weight stopped at between 163 and 165 lbs, and that makes me happy. That’s a full 10-12 lbs below the max weight for my height according to Army standards (and USMC standards), and it is a comfortable size for me. I say comfortable size, because my body fat percentage is very low, and all that weight is 100% Grade A PaleoMarine.

Sometimes, it’s a little sad that I can’t seem to lose any extra weight, but I have to remind myself that I met my final goal of 165 lbs and then some, so anything more at this point is bonus weight loss and extra. On top of that, if my body wants or needs to lose the weight, it will. I don’t eat anything with refined sugar, added sugar, grains, beans, soy, or dairy, so the nutrition I get is pretty basic but adequate. I eat enough to be full at each meal, but I don’t count calories. I know when enough is enough through nearly two years of monitoring my weight closely (sometimes even more than once a day), and the amount I’m eating now is the right amount for my body and allows me to have enough energy and to feel full after I eat and between meals.

I see some people struggle to lose 10 lbs for months or years, and they are unhappy. Perhaps, their bodies have reached a happy point where nutrition and fitness are enough. We need to learn to accept certain things about our bodies. You can be healthy and not stick thin. I am a healthy 163.8 lbs, and any less, I may end up looking ill. I don’t want that.

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