Am I done losing weight?

After a run a few weeks back, I weighed in at 161.8 lbs. That’s my lowest yet since doing my Whole30’s and going Paleo. I didn’t expect for my weight to get this low. Ever. My goal was 165 lbs, and I figured I would stop losing weight there, but it seems that my body has other plans (and I’m totally okay with that).

You see, I’m not starving myself and not depriving myself of either quantity or content of food. Sure, I eat only Paleo-friendly foods (except for a few dinners during my birthday week), but I eat until I’m full and comfortable. I eat foods that are delicious, and I am not hungry between meals, nor am I craving anything. I’m not going out of my way to actually try to lose weight. Any weight loss that is going on right now is purely organic in the sense that it is an equalization of my body mass as supported by the food and nutrients I’m eating. Exercise plays a role, but I’m not certain that it plays a huge role considering I only run three times a week.

My body is evolving, and continues to make changes as I move forward on this journey toward good health. My fitness levels are at their highest in over 20 years, and I feel great. If my body decides that I need to continue to lose weight, so be it. I just hope I don’t get too thin; I like the clothing I have now and I don’t want to have to replace everything one more time.

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