A Clear Horizon

Alfred Hitchcock was once asked what his definition of happiness was, and his first remark was, “A clear horizon.” He goes on to say, “Nothing to worry about on your plate.” I know he’s talking about not having to worry about things in life, but it struck me.

A clear horizon.

Nothing to worry about on your plate.

It all ties into what I’m doing with my Paleo Diet.

My life before Paleo was anything but a clear horizon. It was foggy, at best, with no certainty at all. There were storm clouds on the horizon, the winds were howling with thunder and lightning and lots more destructive weather incoming. It wasn’t until I was able to break my addiction to sugar and fill my plate with things that were good for me did the horizon begin to clear.

Now, there is nothing to worry about on my plate. The food I eat is good for me and ensures that I will see many more horizons. Eating well has transformed the rest of my life, as good habits creep into every aspect of one’s existence. My horizon is clear, and there’s nothing to worry about on my plate. Whole30 and Paleo did that for me.

Clear your horizons. Make the change for yourself.

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