Getting Hungry When Depressed or Sad

I notice that when I’m sad, down, or depressed, I get hungry. I think that it’s an easy thing for us to control and to immediately receive satisfaction from: eating. It’s a way for our brains to receive a quick win when everything else is looking down. I am having to deal with a bit of this as my weight was up this morning and the first thing I wanted to do was eat.

This is weird for me. I’ve never been a stress eater, nor have I been the type of person who ate more when they were sad or depressed. At least I don’t remember being that way. Yet here I was this morning, after weighing myself and seeing an increase on the scale and not seeing the nice definition in my abs like I did pre-holiday weekend, and it made me want to eat something: the exact opposite of what the best thing for me to do would be. I wasn’t really hungry; I just wanted something to satisfy… something.

What did I do to get past it? I used logic to get myself out of it. I rationalized with myself: this hunger is just a craving, and the craving is coming from someplace outside of sustenance replenishment. Therefore, it must be emotional. Then, looking inward and figuring out what emotional issue I’m facing that I haven’t had to deal with in a while and it’s my increased weight. Now, it’s not a lot of weight (4 lbs) and I know that I can lose that pretty easily, but it’s still something that caused a change in my mood. It was enough of an impact that it made me have a craving.

This is where perseverance and motivation come into play. Were I not really paying attention or if I were not as invested in my health, weight, and fitness as I am, I would have likely had a snack of some sort that I really didn’t need. That would lead to my body storing it, which means fat.

I am being careful and strict with my diet. Last night, I allowed myself to eat a little bit more sweet potato than I should have and also had a little bit of Paleo ice cream with a peach balsamic vinegar topping. I knew I was going to pay for it this morning; I just didn’t realize how much. Now I know, and now I know that I need to get back to being strict with my diet to get back down to a place that I am happy with: sub-165 lbs.

Knowing where the cravings come from help to get past them and ignore them. Cravings have no place in my life, and before I ever give into one, I analyze it and make sure it’s legitimate. In this case, it was not, and strangely enough, getting past it was as easy as ignoring it. If it were real hunger, it would have lingered.

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