Perseverance on Paleo

Fortunately, it hasn’t been difficult for me to maintain this Paleo Diet. To the contrary, it’s been actually very easy and comforting. It’s good to know that the food I eat is good for me, and when I make decisions based on my health, it reminds me to put myself first when it comes to what I want to eat. Far too often, there are temptations and options that are likely very tasty, but are very bad for my body. Would I love to eat a Napoleon or a cream puff? Sure! But they are not good for me, and the after effects are just not worth the short-term gratification.

I keep a focus on my health at all times. I don’t drink anything with artificial or added sweeteners. Ever. I don’t eat snacks or foods outside of my regular meal times. Ever. I don’t eat foods that are not Paleo unless there is literally no other choice in a situation I cannot escape, and even then, I make the best effort I can to stay Paleo. Case in point: holiday dinner with co-workers. If I can’t have a Paleo meal, I will choose something that has the least amount of harmful impact on my diet and health.

Living Paleo means putting myself first and temptations last. I’ve learned that walking past an ice cream or candy shop is really easy if you make those places and what are sold in them off-limits always. Even on my birthday weekend, when visiting Galveston Island with my cousin and my wife, we walked right past ice cream and candy stores, and not once was I tempted. I will admit to having bread pudding as a dessert on my birthday, but it was my birthday, and dang it, I was going to have my bread pudding and eat it, too! They even put a candle in it for me!

I’ve said before that I don’t dislike sweets and carb-rich food. The problem is exactly the opposite; like anyone else, I love that stuff. Therein lies the problem; it is difficult to let go of or avoid things you enjoy. When that thing you enjoy is killing you, however, you really need to evaluate your priorities and decide which is more important: short-term gratification, or a long view on life filled with good health and longevity. I chose good health and longevity.

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