Paleo Treats for a Sunday Evening

My wife, the amazing cook that she is, made some treats for us to eat while watching a season premiere recently, and it caused me to eat A LOT more than normal. Even though it was all Paleo, I ate a ton. I ate so much, my stomach hurt. That led to some emotional distress that faded the next day.

What kinds of yummies did she make for us? She made a Paleo brownie with blueberries in it and they turned out to be delicious, moist, and so good that I had to have seconds. I also had some Paleo chocolate ice cream with it topped with blueberries, strawberries, coconut, and some Paleo chocolate sauce.

She also made some lactose-free cream cheese and jalapeno stuffed shrimp wrapped in sugar-free bacon. I ate a bunch of these as well. I can't say enough good things about these little shrimps.

Coupled with the Hungarian Potato Soup I made (with potatoes which are not really Paleo, but with galuska/nokedli aka noodles that were) that I also had two servings of, my stomach was very sore afterward. Heck, the next morning, I still felt full, and only ate breakfast because I need the energy.

Now that my weight has stabilized and I run regularly, I'm able to eat a little more or a little off-Paleo every now and then when a special occasion hits. This summer, it feels like those occasions have been spaced closely together, but fortunately, the next few months seem like they should be relatively special event-free.

One thought on “Paleo Treats for a Sunday Evening

  1. Sounds amazing! I’ve been playing around with some paleo brownie recipes for the blog myself, but I’ve not got a perfect one yet…
    You shouldn’t beat yourself up for having a treat every now and again either! It is hard in summer when there are so many social occasions, and when you know that you’ve come such a long way, but one brownie (or two) isn’t going to cause the whole process to reverse 🙂


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