Compliments are nice (and hard to accept sometimes)


Today, I was told no fewer than three times before lunch that I look fit, that I look healthy, and that I am an inspiration to men who want to get healthy and fit. It’s weird. I love hearing it (who doesn’t like compliments!) but at the same time, I always feel a little shy or embarrassed. I’m not sure if it’s cultural or something I was taught, but while I strive to be a leader to the soldiers in my National Guard unit and leading by example, being told that I’m an inspiration to my face is another thing entirely.

I talked about my reasons for getting healthy in previous articles, and I even discussed why I got into fitness. I never did it for anyone else to notice me, nor did I do it to become an inspiration, role model, or example. Yet, here I am. I do, however, take this new status seriously, and I endeavor to be the best version of me I can possibly be.

So, it’s pretty cool to receive compliments based on the hard work I did to get back into shape and to be healthy. It’s also a little sad that being fit and healthy is something worthy of a compliment instead of being the norm, especially for a guy my age. We need to make it the norm, to where 50 year-old men are healthy. 50 is too young to look like an old man, to be overweight, and waiting for death. 50 is the new 30. Take back your health, feel young again, and get fit!

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