Body Fat Calculations and Scales

I’ve been using a Weight Gurus scale for about 6 years, and it’s been really helpful during my weight loss journey. It’s been accurate, reliable, and easy to use. This past week, there was a sale on Amazon for a Eufy scale that syncs via Bluetooth for a great price, so I figured why not upgrade from the Weight Gurus to the Eufy. It arrived yesterday and I eagerly setup the scale and the app, and when I weighed myself, I was shocked to find that it was measuring my body fat at 24.9%. That couldn’t be right, I figured, so I measured my neck and my waist and used the Army app on my iPhone to calculate my body fat (which is what my National Guard unit would do if they needed to know it). The result: 9.7%.

Here’s the kicker: when I stepped on my old Weight Gurus scale, it gave me 9.7% BF. Back on the Eufy? 25%. I guess I’m going to stick with the old Weight Gurus for a while unless I can figure out how to calibrate the Eufy. It’s too bad, because the new scale really is very nice, and I like not only how it looks, but the app is very nice as well.

My cousin Sara told me once that these scales can be very misleading in their body fat readings. She was concerned that it would read too low and give me a false sense of success or security. Oddly enough, it turned out that my old scale was pretty accurate while my new one, with newer technology, is reading so far off.

I’ve emailed the EufyHome company about this, and I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say about it. I’m hoping that it’s a calibration issue that I can resolve. If not, I may end up giving the scale to my son (since he’s not as concerned with body fat as I am) and I will continue to use old faithful Weight Gurus.

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