Nothing like seeing the scale in the right place

For the past three weigh-ins, I’ve been under 165 lbs. As low as 163.8 lbs, and as high as 164.2 lbs. My body fat ratio is hovering just below or just at 10%. I had to sit down and let that sink in for a bit. It’s truly remarkable that I now have a healthy body. Just over 20 months ago, my weight was 290 lbs and my body fat ratio was an alarming 47.3%.

I didn’t do extreme workouts to lose the weight. No Crossfit, no 3-hour daily workouts, no video fitness programs. It was all done through changing what I eat from foods rich in sugar, grains, beans, soy, and dairy to eating foods with meat, vegetables, and no added sugar. It was literally that simple.

Of course, it wasn’t easy. The first week was hell; I’m not going to sugarcoat that. But after getting through that first week, it was quite easy. In fact, it got easier and easier as time went by. I remember after losing 50 lbs in four months that I was eating my breakfast of bacon and eggs and laughing at the fact that my weight was dropping without me having to do any physical activity. All I had to do was eat delicious, filling foods. How crazy was that?

Now, 20 months in, I can’t be any happier. My weight is where I want it to be. My fitness level is where I want it. My life is where I want it to be. The craziest part: it all started with a Whole30.

Even though I tell people all the time that the scale is not to be used as a primary source of gauging one’s progress on a diet, it is the easiest measure to use. Seeing friendly numbers makes me do a happy dance in the mornings. And yes, it feels good, man.

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