Reintroduction to Paleo Food

Having been in the field at Fort Hood for the past two weeks as part of my National Guard annual training, I had to endure a lot of non-Paleo foods. I didn’t eat the majority of what was served to us, having my own supply of Paleo food in the way of RX Bars, Epic bars, and nuts, but I did eat non-Paleo foods a few times with consequences: intestinal distress. Let’s just say I had to visit the port-a-cans more often than I would have liked.

My diet was very basic and very consistent in all other regards: one RX Bar, two Epic bars, and 1/3 cup of almonds or cashews. Day after day. For two weeks. It was surprisingly sustainable, and I didn’t get palate fatigue (like I feared). I also was able to lose 5 lbs in the two weeks I was out there, which was good.

When I got back home, I had wings, steak, wings, bacon and eggs, wings, and more wings. I didn’t plan on eating that many wings, but it just happened. And do you know what? My gut was perfectly okay with it, and my weight stuck at a comfortable 162.9 lbs throughout the weekend. Even with some Paleo chocolate chip cookies thrown in and some ciders and rum, my weight didn’t spike.

Maybe I’ve hit a weight my body likes and I can take some liberties with my food, or I was careful about serving sizes without thinking about it. Either way, reintroducing myself to regular Paleo food has been easy and successful. Good thing the stuff is so delicious!

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