Eat slowly; eat enough


I was talking to someone today who told me they started eating only meat and vegetables and they haven’t lost any weight in two weeks. I asked them about their portion sizes; they said they ate a lot. I told them, “Reduce the size of the portions a bit, and slow down. Let your stomach feel full. It takes time.” Now, this is a little different from the title of this article, and I’ll get to that.

It’s possible to eat all the right food yet gain weight. It comes down to volume. You can have too much of a good thing which leads to too many calories. It’s harder to do when you eat good food, as your body will fill up faster and it will become harder to eat the sheer number of calories by volume as you can with grains, but it can still be done.

If you want to lose weight, eat slowly, and eat enough. This seems to contradict my advice in the first paragraph, but hear me out. If you’re eating fast, you are eating a lot. You will eat faster than your body can respond to the influx of calories, and you will over-eat. Therefore, to eat the right amount, you need to slow down which will reduce the amount of food you eat while allowing to feel as if you’ve eaten enough because (and here’s the magic) YOU HAVE!

I try to eat everything slowly now. It allows me to enjoy the food a little longer while also allowing my brain to receive the signal from my stomach that it’s either getting full, or is full. Then, when I stop eating, I’m full until the next meal.

Slow down. Eat until you feel comfortable (but not stuffed!). You will be healthier for it.


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