The weight yo-yo in maintenance mode

18893064_10209342147419779_7615675108895115818_nThis past weekend, I had a lot of non-Paleo food and drinks. Starting Friday, I drank lots of hard cider, ate lots of Paleo cookies on Saturday, and on Sunday, I had Hungarian fried bread, chicken paprikas with nokedli (similar to German spaetzle) and even a slice of bread. That’s a whole lot of carbs for someone who normally eschews them. The net result? 6 lbs of water weight gain!

Three days later, I’m down over 3 lbs already, and I fully expect for the remaining 3 to be gone by Friday. How? Naturally and easily through sticking with my normal Paleo diet.

The great part about the Paleo Diet is that it’s easy, the food is delicious, and it keeps me from wanting to snack via cravings. I do get hungry, but typically at meal times. If I get hungry sooner, it’s because I didn’t eat enough at the previous meal.

Our bodies are very good at telling us what they want as long as we’re giving it good fuel. Lots of sugar and carbs trick the brain into wanting to acquire more calories even though we may have enough or even too much. Now that I’ve limited the carbs I eat, I have eliminated sugar cravings, or cravings between meals for a “Pick me up” snack.

Being in maintenance mode is a great place to be. It’s been interesting watching my weight go up and down as a reaction to the foods I eat, but it’s comforting to know how predictable it is. I know what my body is going to do as I’m eating something which makes it easier to deal with emotionally when the scale confirms my suspicions. It’s even better knowing that the weight will come back down as long as I eat right (and by right, I do mean eating delicious, filling foods).

Our weight naturally goes up and down depending on levels of hydration, the foods we eat, and even how often we poop. Don’t get caught up in short-term fluctuations. They are normal. Track your weight, whether it’s formal or informal, and react to trends, not fluctuations. If that means you weigh yourself once a week, so be it. I weigh daily, and sometimes even twice a day (I always weigh after a run), and this instant feedback has taught me how my body reacts to different foods and activities which in turn helps me make better, healthier decisions.

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