“That Paleo Nonsense…”

Featured Image -- 8974I read those very words on a forum that was discussing an article I wrote about my journey. Some gentleman has closed his mind and decided that somehow, a diet with grains is superior to one without. Furthermore, he claimed that there was no need for anyone to forego any “Food groups” to get healthy.


I know there are people who have been able to lose weight while eating grains and cutting out other foods. There are many, still, who have lost weight through counting calories in vs calories out (CICO). On paper, CICO makes a lot of sense. In practice, it can be very difficult, especially if the person isn’t limiting carbs.

The Paleo Diet saved my life. I am now healthier than I’ve been in over 20 years, and I feel at least 15-20 years younger than I did two years ago. This is no accident and it didn’t just happen overnight. Whole30 got me to cut my sugar addiction, and the Paleo Diet taught me that I can eat food that tastes good and is filling without suffering hunger or cravings.

There is nothing nonsensical about the Paleo Diet. My results and following maintenance success is typical of those who stick with Paleo.

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