A Quick Update from Houston

Hello friends!

I’m here in Houston supporting the disaster relief efforts of the National Guard. Therefore, I’m unable to make updates as regularly as I’d like. I ask that you please forgive me. I will be doing my best to keep this blog updated, but the posts may come farther apart than normal.

With that said, I’m back to eating the way I ate during my National Guard Annual Training. For breakfast this morning, I had an Epic Bar, an RXBar, and a 2-ingredient fruit bar with a handful of nuts. Even though we have food being brought in, since much of it is very carb-heavy and definitely non-Paleo, I have elected to continue eating my own food. It’s not nearly as filling as my primary and usual Paleo Diet, but it keeps me fed and fueled, and best of all, healthy. Now, I just need to get my PT gear here (shorts, shoes, socks) and I can start running every other day to keep in shape.

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