Spreading the Word

While on active duty, more and more soldiers have been made aware of the fact that I used to be fat and that I lost all my weight through changing my diet. This has led many to ask me questions about it, how to do it, and if I could offer them any advice. What I told them was the following:

  • If you can do it, do a Wholo30 first. It will help you break the addiction to sugar, and will get you well on the road to transitioning into a Paleo Diet.
  • If you don’t want to do a Whole30 first, then start the Paleo Diet and don’t look back. Stick to it, be strict, and the next bullet is important;
  • Eat until you’re full. Eat slowly and eat good food, but eat until you are full, but not until you are gorged.
  • If you need to snack, don’t eat fruit. Stick with some nuts; a handful at most. This should help stave off cravings.

I feel like a Paleo Evangelist sometimes, but I am passionate about spreading the word about nutrition. So many people have been taught incorrect information, and medical and nutrition science is changing all the time to show that it is not fats but sugar that is killing us. I think that is important enough for me to spend time on.

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